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Ok im currently in the process of installing VPC6 on my g4 ibook. This could be an interesting experience. Ive never seen VPC in action, but ive heard the thousands of complaints of how its slowwww.. Il let you know how it goes. I plan on optimising the xp installation by uninstalling most crap and disabling services to make it as lite as i can.

Anyone else with experiences?

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Especially if you are intending to run XP: I could even play Grim Fandango at very close to full speed. Win was slower though. Black Viper , Here i come! I did the usual optimising, disabling all visual styles, unnecessary services, crap in tray, useless apps, annoying windows things, user switching etc..

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Stuff is actually quite snappy. Yup free update that VPC will automatically download when you are running windows xp. Its a free update. Oh yer remember todo Windows Update in your windows XP you are emulating I suggest downloading the updates 5 - 6 at a time instead of 1 massive block. I know that there problems with viruses, and thats why im not going to use xp on the net. Every time you patch a PC it seems to get slower: Except we are running Laptops and unless I'm gonna carry some 1. I think you will find most of us have PC's anyway.

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VPC has its uses. Mostly the same ones you would hear from people who use PearPC.

Anybody running Virtual PC on iBook G4?

I use Windows NT to connect to a server that runs something that my Mac wont work with don't ask me what network thingy it is cause i have no idea all I know is it works via NT lol and thats it. Help us by reporting it. Virtual PC 7, which is compatible with the Mac G5, offers important improvements in support, speed and reliability.

Installing Windows XP on a MacBook (Mid 2007)

Simply click Print and tap into the same printing functionality and drivers used by your Mac OS. Fast Save Now you can shut down your virtual PC in one easy step and easily relaunch right where you left off.

Simply stated, Virtual PC 7 puts the application to sleep so you can easily get back to your Mac. Better Graphics Handling Virtual PC 7 delivers faster, cleaner graphics with a screen that redraws more quickly and graphics that are more responsive.

Download Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac Version Update from Official Microsoft Download Center

Expanded Preferences Sounds, toolbars, shortcuts, memory and even dock inclusion are found in the new Virtual PC 7 preferences and settings, giving you exceptional control over your Virtual PC experience. Select Language:. English French German Japanese Swedish. Details Version:. File Name:.

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