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I will be out on vacation for three weeks now, so don't worry if I appear absent. April 16, I was bored the other day so I thought up an algorithm for video motion vector estimation. It's different from the one I used in the Lurch project, and much faster. I've attached an image below to illustrate the basic idea, for a 1D case. It's basically a way to measure horizontal shift distance between two copies of the same curve or very similar curves. You measure the value y difference at "a few" points and calculate the estimated shift distances according to the figure, then weight all those together based on local slope size.

Larger slope means more reliable value, so you want those contributing more to the final result. As it turns out, this works similarly well in 2D when performed independently for x and y, on small regions to isolate local movement. The images adjacent video frames are converted to greyscale and blurred before the calculation, to create a simple and robust data set. Any relevant motion is equally visible in a blurred image, and you get rid of distracting details. I made a short video showing some preliminary results.

Watch it here Obviously this is just some fun distraction from my main Sculptris work. I will probably spend the occasional evening thinking about ways of improving it though. Video processing is such an interesting field. March 2, Yesterday I was helping a certain Arne out with a texture mapping issue, and it resulted in a rough little tool that others might find useful, so I'll put it up here.

The tool will allow you to remap a texture between two different sets of uv coordinates for the same model. Basically, if you've mapped a model and painted a texture, then change your mind and make a new mapping - just run this tool and it will update the texture image to fit with the new mapping coordinates. You will have to check readme. Not the most elegant application in the world, and it has some functional limitations, but I've included the relevant source so you could modify it if need be. Download below: uvremap. I've done some more work on the sculpting tools and interface.

The overall experience should be smoother, prettier and more comfortable. Notable changes: - Tablet pressure support - Alternative brush control menu press Alt - Improved flatten and pinch tools - Some bugfixes should not crash quite as much - It's a little bit faster Check documentation.

February 12, Sculptris alpha 2 released, with some fixes and improvements. There's still no bumpmap or texture functionality in this release, but I've tried to fix some of the issues people have brought up. The main improvements are performance, tool quality, new materials, bugfixed rendering, and some additional controls for navigation. The new materials will only be visible if your graphics processor supports shaders.

February 10, Randomly remembered an old game I made with poppeman as a school project in Download it here and have a few minutes of retro fun. February 1, I've released the musagi source code. Grab it now before everyone else get to have all the fun! January 30, Large batch of old projects uploaded.

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Most are from and These are things I've always considered worthy of a place on my site, but I didn't take the time to write pages for them before. Check them out: Chup - Flash game from Deflectorpool - Flash game from Software 3D - Various experiments in software 3D rasterization, Vectorize - For reducing artifacts in pixel transformations, Implicit surface rendering - From , check the bottom of the page. The other week I also made some music for a friend's game. Play it over at his site! January 29, Bumpmap painting in Sculptris has reached a decent level of usability. Check out this youtube video of it in action.

Still no updated version for download, though I will try to get a bugfixed alpha build up within a week or two - same functionality as before, but less bugs. January 20, I've started working on Sculptris again. So far I'm just adding a few features that I had planned during holiday leave. The bumpmap is currently edited through decal pasting, but hopefully I'll be able to make it support interactive drawing, so you can make free-form scratches and wrinkles, or whatever else.

No new downloads yet. December 20, Sculptris alpha release! Download it and play around a bit. Tell me what you think on the forum. December 10, Working on a sculpting tool. Having lots of fun. November 22, Deflectorpool is finally out in the wild after three weeks of development and five-or-so weeks of looking for sponsors.

Play it over here. I'm currently working on another flash game that will hopefully be released before the end of the year. One detractor recently has been my twitter account where I can post random notes that make me feel like I've tended to my online presence, which pushes this site even further down the priority ladder. October 25, I've fixed all download links, as far as I know.

If there was something you were trying to get recently but couldn't, go ahead and try it again now. Let me know if something is still missing. October 23, I made a little video showing glimpses of the development process leading up to my latest flash game, which I'm currently trying to get sponsored. It should be released in a few weeks time, so check back here next month to play it.

Sculptris Tutorial 01

October 8, Getting some new hardware that caused problems spurred me to fix a few things in musagi - go grab the new version. September 18, One small update for CherryBrush. I woke up today and randomly thought of a way to do curve smoothing using bezier splines. After testing it out in a little flash applet I went ahead and put it into CherryBrush not without pains, it turned out. It might be possible to work around this a bit, but anyone looking to do quality strokes will be using a tablet anyway so I'm not making it a top priority. I also changed vsync to off by default, since this leads to much better response times in the cursor.

The trade-off might be cpu usage, so it's possible that this will be a configurable option later. For those interested, here is an illustration of the method I used for smoothing out brush strokes. Note that the first and last half segments will need special treatment if they're required. Possible solutions might be linear interpolation or simply using the terminating vertex rather than the half-way point for controlling those bezier curves.

I just skip them since you can't really tell exactly where a quick stroke began and ended anyway, and they're not a problem for cyclical paths. Actually, this scenario is probably best suited for quadratic beziers three control points , while the beziers I used are cubic using four control points since that's the code I had immediately available from earlier projects. I might try changing it later, for a minor speed boost and perhaps better roundness.

September 4, New site hosting! Some files won't download properly until I've moved them over, be patient. I'll try to fix the most popular ones right away, but the more obscure stuff might have to wait for a week or so. May 24, Hello. I've done a lot of stuff lately, but they've either been boring things not worth mentioning, or just inappropriate due to "circumstances" I have made some teeny tiny attempts at making money for once, and it's going well enough. I'll just quickly breeze through a few links here and then I might return with some new project pages and stuff later.

First up, a game I finished 3 months ago - Chup was eventually sponsored and earned me a little pocket money. Some people got together in ludumdare to try doing daily sketches for general practice. I've kept up reasonably well, only missing two days so far. It looks like a sketch blog!

This weekend I kind of participated in a mini compo but ended up playing around with rendering effects instead of making a game. Read about it here. There was also a proper LD48 competition where I produced a weird flash contraption which can be played here.

Musagi might be heading for an open-source release. People have pestered me enough about porting and whatnot, I might as well give them the material to do with what they please.

A public repository would be nice, as long as I don't have to administrate it ; Another paid project should be wrapping up in the coming week or so. I'll write something about it then. December 20, Ho ho ho. Been neglecting the site for a while. In fact I've also been relatively inactive in the coding department for the last couple of weeks. I've finally completed the last exam for this semester though, and am looking forward to some time off over the holidays yes, even less coding!!

For now, here's a neat little raytracing project I undertook earlier this month - Extraypork. I also participated in a Ludum Dare recently, and will put up a page covering that game "later" maybe in a few days, maybe in January. You can download the game though, right here: soltcras. This is a tweaked post-compo version. Two-player fun galore. November 14, sfxr has received a free software license due to numerous requests, and there have been some improvements made to facilitate installation and use on Linux.

November 11, Quick and tiny update to CherryBrush , fixing a "Vista bug" which was essentially just a plain old regular bug that happened to go unnoticed in XP or at least many versions of it. I also added a sort of clumsy feature useful for coloring line art the greyscale mask. It should see some improvement later on, with more convenient configurability etc. October 20, CherryBrush now has animation support! You can see a short demo of it in this youtube video. It's kind of rudimentary for now, but it should be enough to do some sketchy clips, and even fully colored animation.

One missing feature that might be useful for more serious work is exporting animation layers separately with preserved transparency, so you can composit them in a different application. I don't think that would be too hard to add, so it might appear in a future version. October 12, Added a new game. Well, actually it's not exactly new since I wrote it back in , but I've recently added some more levels to it and decided that I'm not likely to ever "finish" it, so I might as well just upload it.

October 10, musagi update. There's a convenient interface for selecting input device as well a nice little button in the lower-right corner of the window. I've also fixed a rendering bug that apparently existed in CherryBrush too, but I'll hold off an update for that application until I've added some more proper features.

October 7, New version of CherryBrush.

New tools and CG technology

Main addition is flood fill, but I've also fixed a few bugs and tweaked stuff. There's also a moderately crappy youtube video demonstrating fill functionality. September 26, I acquired drpetter. Still being too cheap to pay for actual hosting though, so for now I'm using a redirect to the old university www account. Sub-URLs seem to work.

Navigation menu

As far as development work goes, I played around with musagi a while ago. Fixed some rendering issues and tried to repair MIDI in support. I still want to verify that the MIDI stuff works on other machines than mine before I upload it officially, so there's no new version yet. I'm also tinkering with selection stuff in CherryBrush.

It's mainly in the concept stages right now, but I should have at least basic functionality implemented in a few days. September 23, Some fixes for CherryBrush. One new feature - you can paste images from the Windows clipboard as a new image, can't paste external bitmaps as layers for now. There's some minor bug that causes artifacts in the right and bottom pixel edges of an image in some cases, seemingly for pasting certain bitmap formats and for saving to PNG. I'll look into it. September 19, Ok, I've given CherryBrush a version number now, might be helpful.

New features include undo for filters, and two new ones - Transparency noise and Levels. The first one chips away random pixels from the opacity mask of a layer, which should allow relatively complex noise application depending on how you do it. Might be a bit cumbersome to get a plain old additive or subtractive noise though. Levels is just You gotta have it. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Wonderful Indeed! Nothing else? Also not impressed with the instalation proccess as it did not ask where to install the program, just installed to my C drive which is full! Changed the background on my sculpt, but because Sculptris is now all included in one exe file I cant find a way to reload the default background? Thank you Pixo and Dr. Great news! Eager to try this! Do a custom install to change the directory,. Excuse to buy a new machine? Hmmm, it is very unstable with my video card GT, the display driver is crashing frequently.

Sculptris Alpha 6: It's HERE! - ZBrushCentral

Awesome, thank you guys. I love your ways! YOu give and give. YOu are not like some other companies who take take take and if they could they would charge 10,, for 3d software again. You guys are awesome but dang how do you guys get paid. You are crazy. How does zbrush handle meshes to and from sculptris? What about when you go from sculptris to zbrush? Pixologic Announcements. Sculptris remains one of the most fun, natural-feeling and easy to use 3D modeling and painting programs anywhere.

Working with it feels like sculpting real-world clay. You don't need to worry about polygon structure, edge flows, or even polygon counts. Simply add volume where you need it and sculpt details where you want them. Sculptris automatically divides the mesh as you sculpt and only where needed for the details that you are sculpting. Wherever possible, its sculpting tools mimic real-world sculpting, making the software incredibly intuitive.