Move menu bar icons mac el capitan

Add Any App You Wish to the Mac's Dock

Starting with OS X To change this up — for example, if you wanted the monitor on the left to be your primary display, follow these instructions:. This depiction is a holdover from older versions of OS X which did not display the menu bar on all monitors, but it helps us identify which monitor is currently set as the primary display.

When you release the white bar on the left display icon, all of your displays will briefly dim to black. When the desktop reappears, your new monitor — in our example, the one on the left — will now contain the dock, active application windows, and any desktop icons. To try it, simply move your mouse or trackpad cursor to the very bottom of the display where you want your dock to appear and hold it there. After a brief moment, the dock will slide down and out of sight on your primary display and then slide up into view on your other display.

Rearrange, add, and remove menu bar items with ease

If it couldn't be removed, then we still have to figure it out. You could also open Terminal from the Utilities folder use Go menu in Finder to open Utilities , type or paste "killall Dock" no quotes , then press return and try it all again.