How to wipe mac pro clean

In the Apple menu in the top left corner of the screen, choose Restart. Once the process has been completed, go to the Disk Utility menu in the top left corner of the screen and click Quit Disk Utility.

How to Wipe Mac Clean of Personal Data | MacFly Pro

Now that the hard drive has been wiped clean, you can confirm that you want to reinstall a fresh Mac operating system by following the instructions on the screen. Choose Shut Down to turn the Mac off and leave it ready for the next person. Why and How to Factory Reset a Mac When you choose to factory reset a Mac, you are performing a series of low level operations. Log out of and deauthorize iTunes or apps with limited licensing Did you know that you can only play your iTunes content on 5 devices?

Disable iCloud Make sure any bookmarks, reminders, notes, or other stored cloud data are not visible to new users by signing out of iCloud. Make sure you have an active internet connection Check for a stable and active internet connection throughout the factory reset procedure. How to Restore a Mac to Factory Settings Have you completed your data backup and signed out of everything?

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Restart your Mac in Recovery Mode This step is quite simple. Reinstall the operating system Now that the hard drive has been wiped clean, you can confirm that you want to reinstall a fresh Mac operating system by following the instructions on the screen. The computer will complete a new installation of the operating system with factory settings. Get Setapp. More reads you might like.

How to Factory Reset Mac OS X to Original Default Factory Settings

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How to wipe a Mac for resale or clean mac OS install - complete step by step walkthrough

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Reset your Mac to factory settings in a few easy steps

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By continuing to use this site, you agree to our cookie policy. When you select a volume in Disk Utility and then the Erase tab, you can click Security Options to pick how many times the drive is overwritten: once, three times, or seven times. Once is considered enough for regular purposes, while three and seven correspond to different U. Restart a Mac and hold down Command-R after the startup chime sounds, and the computer boots into the recovery mode. Select Disk Utility from the startup menu, and you can erase your startup drive securely. You'll save a little time if you do an erase without overwriting, then reinstall OS X, then Erase Free Space with an overwriting option.

First, erase a drive without the overwriting part, and reinstall OS X. After you boot, launch Disk Utility, select the startup volume, and click the Erase tab. Now use the Erase Free Space option, which also offers 1, 3, and 7 passes of erase, and only empties out unused parts of the disk. The advantage is that your computer remains available though often slow while this operation is underway.

If you use FileVault, any data "left behind" on your erased hard drive will be totally unreadable by your Mac's next owner.

First, Back Up Your Data

Enter the password for any FileVault-enabled user account, and the disk is unlocked and can be erased. Without the key, which is uncrackable in any realistic period of time by any current technology, the erased data is as good as gone as if it had been written over millions of times. You can then install OS X on that partition, either from the recovery system or via an external drive.

Reader Peter wondered how FileVault figures in to cloning a disk. Andrew Robertson writes that when he upgraded to Yosemite, his recovery drive remained out of date with