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This is how we identify the key for the network adapter. For me i got the key in Step 4: Now search for the value NetworkAddress inside the key you have found. If you cant find it right click and create a new String Value of the name NetworkAddress. After Changing the value you can close Registry Editor.

How to Change a Mac Address in Windows PC - AvoidErrors

Do I have to change the driver or something?? Plz Help!!!! I tried it with a wireless card, but I can not. Do not change the MAC address Any other suggestions? Name required. Mail will not be published required. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Leave a Reply views, 11 so far today. Tags: Regedit , Windows. Messing with these system-related characteristics is very likely to mess up quite a few other programs that make use of one or more of these, e.

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Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo, resulting in their software licenses becoming invalidated which makes them stop working! If you really want to work on more PCs without coughing up the steep fee for the commercial TeamViewer license… use something else instead — like VNC. It seem to do all in one click. Is it real virus or fake?

Step-by-step to change MAC Address by Windows registry

I have an old licence given exclusive to me by a client company which no longer exists. Since there is no administrator of the account I have no direct way by calling teamvr support to do it.

I was wondering if I can make my new macbook show up like the old one to teamvwr servers and gain the same ID to have the licensed privileges like the old macbook. Any ideas why this failed? I had Teamviewer v12 when passing v Any ideas? Tried multiple times and it doesnt work. I have succesfully reset my teamviewer ID before using this method about half a year ago. It worked and it was easy.

Not so much now. Lets just give it up, there are more alternatives on the web now-a-day. Teamviewer has changed methods again. There are new digital hidden fingerprints. Perhaps it is better to start using another program. Install a old version I had a old setup from Tewamviewer 11 in my download folder to get a new ID, then you can update to the newest Version. Hi Jeff, can you recommend software that would just allow a remote connection to a home pc from a work pc? For me a MAC address change was enough, but first of all, you have to identify if you have to renew the ID on source your machine , destination or both.

You can check if you will actually getting new ID with TeamViewerQS, so you can play with the options and quickly verify the result. If you are getting pissed off with no success at the end, you might consider switching to CloudBerry Remote Assistance as I did. I tried with older version re-install, but still got the same user ID. Anyone have success with this recently?

How to Find a MAC Address in the Registry

The nircmdc. There is no commercial use but the service agent told me via chat box that connections over mobile networks are considered commercial. If you do tech support for a lot of people then what you can do is run TeamViewer in a virtual machine. That does the trick for me and if it throws a flag on that I just delete the vm, reinstall from a saved vm and get a new macid. You may also like:.

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Worked here. Windows 10 Pro, TV Posted by Elias Santiago-Christian December 19, Posted by Sincere Me February 1, Posted by Dikii March 26, Close TeamViewer make sure the process has completely disappeared Put script file in the root directory of your Home folder Click Go, Home is easy way to get to Home folder, of course Open Terminal Run the script by typing the following exactly: sudo. It worked for me. Posted by Dikii April 7, Posted by Jeffrey June 5, Hi, I followed what you guided, it still said No such file or directly.

Posted by Cisa July 13, Hi, Try This sudo python. Posted by Eric April 12, Posted by Mike May 7, Same thing, first time works fine. Next time did not work. Posted by mike May 7, Posted by Marko April 13, Posted by Ovi May 29, Posted by KD June 6, This worked perfectly. Windows 7, Teamviewer Thanks for the help. Posted by Martin K. June 15, Posted by Pierre July 1, Pierre: Close TeamViewer make sure the process has completely disappeared you do not need to uninstall TeamViewer…just make sure it is fully quit You can download the.

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Once it is unzipped: Put script file in the root directory of your Home folder Click Go, Click Home is the easy way to get to Home folder, of course Open Terminal Run the script by typing inside the Terminal Window the following exactly: sudo. Good luck.

Posted by Marco July 15, Posted by Marco July 18, Posted by yr July 17, Posted by Marco July 21, Posted by sick2k5 July 20, Posted by Leonardo August 1, Posted by Henry August 8, Posted by V August 27, Posted by roman October 2, Posted by Richard October 16, Posted by Rick W. January 2, Posted by mike shick February 4, Posted by David February 11, Posted by Tom May 13, I have try everything with Teamviewer 14 you can not change it any ideas? Posted by A37 May 16, Posted by James September 11, Posted by Jeffery May 29, Posted by Ernesto July 11,