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Also a plus, the price is right: The Mac beta client was announced last November, although currently on the download site the beta label has been dropped. The Mac client is available directly from lotro.

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One of the problems with having a game that separates Mac players from Windows players is that news of the Mac server shutting down might make publishers and developers think twice about putting resources into developing client software for Macs. Although companies like Blizzard and now Valve routinely create a Mac client of their games, other publishers still release Mac versions of their games on a delayed schedule or not at all.

Since the client is still in Beta, it might not be worth paying full price until the fully tested client is released. However, there are frequent weekend sales and if you can play cross platform there is no penalty for downloading the Mac beta as well as the Windows version. There are plenty of other games out there for Mac players, but this handful should get Mac users started. Are there any other gems that you play on a Mac? Have you ever been tempted to don a black turtleneck R. In fact, there are 15 excellent MMOs. You can find our complete list here. Like this article?

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How We Decide We identify the games we believe are the greatest and then we purchase them to perform tests.

This is how we measure MacOS performance levels for you. For this guide, we decided to only test the paid, top-tier games.

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Our favorites: Everything in WoW works great. The missions are fun, the dungeons are rewarding yet, accessible and the raids are hardcore as ever. The Player versus Player PvP is equally good, and there are professions, crafting, and countless other things to do. Leveling up and getting better gear will become your obsession.

Real Pricing: You know, killing Level 1 rats to level up. Instead, Guild Wars 2 focuses on group events and worldwide stories to advance.

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This was already a big deal, but ArenaNet did even better. The core game is now free, though expansions are not. That makes Guild Wars 2 our runner-up. And while there were various criticisms leveled at the game when it was first released, updates and fixes have firmly established it as one of the best MMORPG games for Mac around.

Set in the same universe but at an earlier time than previous games in the series, ESO features a wide open world that you can explore and play in as you like. With a rich story, plenty of side quests, crafting, battles and more, ESO allows you to explore the world of Tamriel as you wish, alone or with your friends. While there are still technical issues with the game on MacOS, our experience with the game was mostly positive.


Also, it is so well optimized for Macs , it was even playable on our MacBook Pro. Or play as one of his minions in Player vs. Monster mode. The base game is really free, but there are several paid expansions offering more quests to play. Steam System Requirements: OS Into Strategy games? Civilization 6 is the latest turn-based strategy game in which you'll attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time.

With the release of the Heavensward expansion , Final Fantasy 14 Online became an excellent game. The problem was the MacOS version, which was a buggy mess when released. The performance was so terrible, Square Enix had to publicly apologize and offered refunds. But things have changed for the better. Updates have improved the Mac client so that we can now truly enjoy FF The game runs on a new engine and offers good gameplay and a great story.

FF14 also features cross-platform multiplayer with Windows and PlayStation 4. FF14 offers everything a fan could ask for including free switching between classes and jobs, challenging dungeons and trials, and huge battles up to 72 players in PvP. Plus, the game now offers a free trial which lets you play the game for free up to level Not as good as some of the generous free-to-play games on this list but still helpful.

Both include a days free play period. Demand Level: But the best part of EVE may be the impressive space battles. These battles can involve ships as big as entire cities and can cost literally thousands of dollars. Recently gone free-to-play, the game and community can be difficult to break into, and it is often the most fun when played with friends in online co-op mode. For those with patience for both the learning curve and the in-game time, EVE is a rewarding space sim that you can try for free.

Free-to-play but with limits on skills levels and ships you can acquire. A subscription eliminates those limits and opens the whole game universe. In this free-to-play cooperative MMORPG, you and your fellow space-faring knights crash on an alien world and must explore the underground Clockworks to find a mysterious energy source and fix your ship. What this really means is you go underground to explore an ever-changing dungeon, battle enemies, and solve fairly simple puzzles.

Played from a top-down third-person perspective, Spiral Knight focuses on the real-time battles, which are fought cooperatively with other knights against hordes of enemies. In between battles you train, rest, chat and more in the town of Haven on the surface.

The game is free-to-play, with downloadable content and in-game purchases available but not required. With a focus on cooperative multiplayer and action, Trove gives you all your classic RPG elements inside a Minecraft lookalike universe.

Savage 2 [No Longer Available]

In addition to going off on adventures on land and underground, alone or with friends in cooperative multiplayer, Trove allows you to craft anything you want and use it in the game. You also get your own house in which to craft and relax. Trove is praised for its community and gameplay, but it can suffer from server issues and some claim the grinding becomes excessive later in the game. But for those looking for a Minecraft-style experience, Trove is definitely your ticket. Another nice twist is the economy, which is completely player driven.

Everything available to buy and sell has been gathered or crafted by other players. You get to decide how you want to fit into that economy. Need a break from the exploring and fighting?